Our Mission

  • To provide an understanding of the Transcendental Meditation technique to police departments and academies, fire departments, emergency medical services, veterans’ organizations, schools, hospitals, and other institutions that employ or work with individuals in highly stressful jobs.

  • To offer the TM technique to those in need on an individual basis or in institutional settings;
  • To work with other charitable organizations that help at-risk families and low income single mothers so that they can improve their lives through the TM practice.

  • To advance education by providing courses, seminars and workshops to the public on the philosophy, methodology and physical and mental health benefits of Transcendental Meditation practice;
  • To fund independent research on the TM practice to more profoundly understand the wide-ranging effects of the technique on the brain, health and behaviour among women in high stress situations.

Who We Serve

The individuals we help include, veterans, police, firefighters, paramedics, nurses and teachers as well as women suffering from family violence, and girls at risk due to stress at home or at school.

What We Offer

Transcendental Meditation Technique

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a highly effective tool for overcoming stress. The technique is practised for twenty minutes twice daily while sitting comfortably with eyes closed. During meditation, the mind settles to quieter levels of thought and even beyond thought to a natural state of inner silence. As the mind effortlessly settles down to quieter levels of thought, the body correspondingly settles down to a state of deep physical rest. This state of inner peace and calm produces profound physical relaxation, and yet the mind remains restfully alert.

Published research shows that during this experience, the brain functions with significantly greater coherence as the metabolism settles down. This deep level of mental and physiological rest dissolves stress and revitalizes the individual. The result is clearer thinking, increased physical energy and vitality, improved academic and work performance and strengthened relationships with others, including co-workers and supervisors.

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