Women's Health Conferences

The Canadian Women for Wellness Initiative hosts healthcare conferences, workshops and seminars focusing on the physical and mental health benefits of TM practice in the context of women’s health issues.        

These events convene leaders in healthcare, business, medicine and public service. The conferences provide an opportunity for individuals to learn about TM as a tool for wellness solutions and disease prevention in a casual and supportive environment.

The conferences are hosted in different locations in order to provide access for Canadians across the country. The events can accommodate approximately 100 attendees on a first come first served basis, and there is a basic cost to participants to cover expenses.

We bring together experts across many disciplines to engage in education about TM. The conferences have moderators who will guide and facilitate the discussion.

The next conference will be dedicated to addressing the impact of TM on women’s unique, complex medical and wellness issues. Topics will centre around TM as a way for women to manage chronic stress, as an intervention and as prevention of chronic mental and physical concerns.

The conference will include panel presentations of research, best practices, shared insights and perspectives and workshops to further explore the psychological and physiological impact of TM on women’s health. Experts on the panel may include leaders in the following areas: women’s health; stress; curative and preventative mental health; heart health; workplace concerns; and menopause.

Proposed speakers at the next conference include Michelle Floh, CEO, The Rona and Jeffrey Abramson Foundation; Helen Foster-Grimmett, National Director of Police Outreach, Canadian Women for Wellness Initiative and a 47-year teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique; Anne Royer, PhD, Adjunct Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, University of Laval; and experts in women’s health.

A comprehensive report and clear outcome statement of recommendations will conclude the conferences. The conferences will be made fully accessible to the public through video recordings posted on this website in order to foster a greater understanding of the physical and mental health benefits of TM for women’s health.

If you are interested in either attending or presenting at our next conference, please contact the Conference Organizer, Michelle Floh, at michelle.floh@rjabramsonfoundation.org.

Canadian Womens Wellness Initiative